Why not make your oven
Sparkle again.
At OvenCleanTeam, we understand that scrubbing a greasy oven is the most hated chore. OvenCleanTeam are professional oven cleaning service, so why not sit back, and let us handle the hard work. With years of experience, OvenCleanTeam have built a fantastic reputation for providing outstanding services to customers, restoring the shine to their Ovens, AGAs, Ranges, Hobs, Extractor Fans, Microwaves and BBQs! Our friendly specialists always go the extra mile for our customers, and our customers love us, because of it!
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Single oven (€50)
Large single oven (€75)
Double oven (€65)
Large double oven (€85)
Triple oven (€95)
4 burner gas hob (€20)
5 burner gas hob (€25)
6 burner gas hob (€30)
Electric hob (€20)
Ceramic hob (€10)
Microwave (€15)
Microwave combi (€40)
Extractor fan (€20)
Fridge outside inside (€70)
Carbon filters (€5)
Oven bulb (€5)
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Oven Cleaning Service
Oven Cleaning Service
As one of the most hated chores in the home, OvenCleanTeam unique and innovative domestic oven cleaning system is the perfect solution to restore your oven! Our range of unique caustic-soda free oven cleaning solutions, exclusive to Ovenclean specialists, gives outstanding results to all oven brands and models; including electric oven cleaning, gas oven cleaning and range oven cleaning.
Hob Cleaning Service
Hob Cleaning Service
Cookers come in a range of makes, models and designs and whether you require a specific ceramic hob cleaning service, enamel cleaning or stainless steel hob cleaning, our specialists are fully trained to achieve a showroom result on your gas or electric hob every time. Our 'no added caustic' cooker cleaning solutions, unique to OvenCleanTeamlean, will give your hob a sparkling clean finish. What's more, the gentle formula is safe to use on any surface - from ceramic to enamelled.
Extractor hood Cleaning Service
Extractor hood Cleaning Service
Kitchen extractor fan cleaning can be a very sticky, unpleasant and difficult task, so don’t get your hands dirty, let OvenCleanTeam handle the hard work! As extractor hoods are designed to re-circulate air, it’s very common for them to collect grease and fat over time, this eventually means that the filters and cover will require a deep clean which can be difficult to do yourself.
Microwave Cleaning Service
Microwave Cleaning Service
Do you find microwave cleaning a difficult, laborious task? Then cast aside your cleaning gloves, because you needn't worry how to clean your microwave any longer! Our oven cleaning specialists are fully trained to clean all kinds of appliances. Ovenclean's unique deep clean products are also designed to clean microwave ovens. OvenCleanTeam specialists have the expertise to tackle all makes and models to get great results from all microwave oven cleans and combination microwave grill cleans.
BBQ Cleaning Service
BBQ Cleaning Service
OvenCleanTeam unique no added caustic-soda barbecue cleaning system eliminates the need for harmful cleaning products. In fact, our products are so gentle but effective that you can use your barbecue as soon as we've finished cleaning it! Within hours of our professional BBQ cleaning, your barbecue will be restored to 'as good as new' with no mess, no fuss, and no bother!
Range Cleaning Service
Range Cleaning Service
OvenCleanTeam specialists only use a unique range of cleaning solutions to clean your stove or range. You can be certain that OvenCleanTeam range cleaning and stove cleaning specialists will restore your cooker to 'as-good-as-new', whatever its finish - enamel, chrome or stainless steel.